New Rainbow Fluorite Intuition Gemstone Bundles are here! Just a few of these custom bundles available.

i am okay

While hammering a set of I am talismans for a customer, I felt move to hammer this phrase too and then slipped it into my pocket. I’ve been keeping it close ever since. Maybe you need it too.

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Everyday Ways to Use Our Pocket Talismans

One of the missions I have over at Soul Mantras is to provide companions and practices that walk with you each day. The Soul Mantra Pocket Talismans are one of my favorite offerings that combine the beauty of holding something in your hand with a tangible practice. How to use the Pocket Talismans Pocket talismans are …

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Rainbow Fluorite: For intuition and connection to spirit

Rainbow fluorite is one of my favorite stones. To put it simply: It is gorgeous. You can find it in deep purples, brilliant blues, bright greens, and yellowish clear in color and all the shades in between.  Fluorite is said to provide protection and clarity and connect you to your intuition. It also connects you …

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