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Everyday Ways to Use Our Pocket Talismans

One of the missions I have over at Soul Mantras is to provide companions and practices that walk with you each day. The Soul Mantra Pocket Talismans are one of my favorite offerings that combine the beauty of holding something in your hand with a tangible practice.

How to use the Pocket Talismans

Pocket talismans are hand stamped with words and phrases that become reminders for you to carry with you on your journey. A few ways to use a talisman:

You can hold it in your hand and rub your fingers along the words almost like a worry stone.

You can use your talisman while meditating by holding it in your hand and focusing on it. You can look at the phrase as you breathe. You can also use the words on the talisman as a mantra and say the phrase to yourself quietly as you breathe.

You can place a talisman on your altar, next to your bed, in your cubicle at work, or even in a plant or other unexpected place in your home. Whenever you see it, you can let the words wash over you.

You can also keep them in bowl on your dresser and choose one to carry with you for the day.

You can put one in your pocket like a stone, and each time you feel it, take a deep breath and remember you are not alone. 

If you have favorite ways to use your talismans, we’d love to see your photos on Instagram with #mysoulmantra.

The Talisman of the Month Club is an awesome way to dive even deeper into these practices.

Each month, I send you a box with a talisman and other goodies all centered on a monthly theme that connect self-care and mindfulness.

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