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Rose Quartz: A Stone of the Heart

Rose quartz is one of my favorite stones. It’s my go-to when my heart needs support, when I need to connect with a love that is greater than me.

Rose quartz is actually often called the stone of the heart. It is often pale pink in color but can be a brighter pink and sometimes appear cloudy and white. It’s a stone to help you connect to deep compassion for others and yourself. Connecting to that compassion is so important as you’re navigating how to respond to challenges in your daily life and in the world. 

Rose quartz is said to invite love into your life, so if you’re needing more love, in all it’s many forms, this just might be the perfect stone for you.

But it isn’t just about romantic love. It is also the stone I recommend when someone needs a big dose of self-compassion and self-love.

I sometimes sleep with it under my pillow and often wear it around my neck over the heart chakra. Throughout the day, I can reach up and hold it in my hand and take a few moments to breathe and invite in love and compassion to support me.

I also keep this stone on my studio altar because I really believe the more love surrounding me while I create, the better. It is another good one to carry in your pocket and rub like a worry stone

You can find all of our rose quartz offerings here.

As you work with rose quartz, spend time holding the stone in your hand and connecting with the feeling of love and compassion. Imagine infusing your stone with that intention. To really deeply connect with your stone and the intention you most need from it, practice holding it, breathing, and letting this intention settle within and around you.

If you’d like me to create a gemstone bundle for you with rose quartz and its meaning as the main intention with other stones that will support that intention, you can order a special custom gemstone bundle and then in the notes, just let me know that you’re drawn to rose quartz and anything else you think I should know.

Here’s to more love and compassion in your life, dear one.

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