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no mud, no lotus

A few months ago, one of my customers requested one of my favorite sayings on a bracelet: No mud, no lotus. 

This is one of the most beautiful and to the point ways of articulating one of my deepest held beliefs: we can hold joy in one hand and the messy, gritty stuff of life in the other and still there will be beauty. 

Another way to say it: All that happens each day becomes compost to help you bloom into the person you are right this moment.

When I was researching a bit more about the lotus, I found out that lotus plants can live over 1,000 years.

1,000 years. 

And the reality is honey that the compost and blooms you experience in your life and what you choose to do with them will make a difference for more than 1,000 years.

I really do believe that.

The lotus necklace is now in the shop right here. My hope is that it will remind you that the tough stuff in your life becomes compost for all the goodness that blooms within.

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