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i am secret message bracelet

My wish for you today:

May you remember you are enough just as you are.
May you hold onto the truth that you are worthy. (Honey, you were born worthy.)
May you connect with the light within you and move from the wisdom that rests there.
May you let yourself be open to all that is to come.
May you feel the bravery that lives deep inside and let it lead you.
May you trust that you are loved even when, always when, things don’t go as planned.
May you know in every one of your cells that you are whole.

These words are the reason why I created the “I am” Secret Message bracelets

Because I want you to hold onto your truths no matter what. Because I want you to whisper these words to yourself until they’re tattooed on your heart. Because I want you to know you’re not alone over there.

Why a secret message? Because sometimes you want to wear words close to you that only you know about, so these secret message bracelets are hand stamped on the inside of the bracelet with the “I am” message you most need. You can also choose one of our other favorite Soul Mantras or customize with your own phrase.

To the outside world, you’re simply wearing a very sweet bracelet

But you know the truth you’re holding close to you.


I can’t wait to send one with love from my little studio right to you. Find them right here in the shop. 

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