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choosing a word to guide you

It’s that time when people begin to choose words to guide them in the new year. This is one of my favorite times of year because I’m so grateful for all that stories that come my way as so many beautiful souls order custom jewelry and talismans to honor their word. And hammering each letter by hand in my studio becomes like a meditation. 

If you’re feeling drawn to this practice, here are some things to think about to get you started:

When I’m choosing a word to be my guide for the year, I think about all that could happen in a year. I want my word to bring me back to center amidst whatever beauty and uncertainty await. For me, this isn’t about challenging myself or choosing a word that will invite me to have unrealistic expectations for myself or my daily life. Rather, it’s about choosing a word that lifts me up and is a safe space to land.

As you think about the word or mantra that would most support you right now, spend some time journaling about what you want to invite into your life for a few minutes. And then over the next few days, keep your heart and ears open for the words and mantras that might be the right companion for you. Jot them down. Sit in the quiet for a few moments each day and just notice what comes up, coming back to this idea of thinking about what would most support you. Then, revisit your journal and write a few more thoughts about what you’ve discovered. Read over your writing to see if your mantra might be waiting for you. You can even fill a page with possible words and phrases.

You can also let yourself try on a word or mantra for a while. This is a “choose your own adventure” kind of practice, which means you can choose to move on from a mantra at any time. You aren’t choosing a tattoo design, at least not yet, but are instead simply playing with words in a powerful way.

What I love about this practice is that it’s less about a resolution and more about supporting yourself to live the life you most want. But there can be a tendency to turn this practice into one big resolution. Try to resist that temptation dear one. Choose a word or phrase that will keep you centered. Stay away from words that invite you to feel like you’re not enough.

Let this practice be one that roots you in your daily life.

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