Meet Liz

About Liz Lamoreux

Thank you for finding your way here to my shop. My name is Liz Lamoreux and I'm an artist and author living in Tacoma, Washington.

I believe that we need traveling companions, from books to talismans, to remind us to be present to the beauty and truth that surround us, so I created the Soul Mantra jewelry collection in 2008 and filled it with pieces to carry with you on your journey.

I host creative and meditative retreats for women, teach online courses about creative self-care practices and poetry, and have been writing on my blog, Be Present, Be Here, since 2005. I'm also one of the top 30 Pinners in the world, and enjoy sharing inspiration and other good things over on Pinterest. My book, Inner Excavation: Explore Your Self Through Photography, Poetry, and Mixed Media, was published by North Light Books and signed copies are available here in my shop.

Conversations over mugs of tea, my daughter's laughter, watching the peonies open each May, and walks along the Pacific Ocean fill me up. I love listening to people tell stories about how they met their beloved or about the silliest moment they ever had with a sibling or about the biggest adventure they've been on. Stories are like food for me.

I also enjoy gathering women together at the retreats I host several times a year. Creating safe space where people can just show up as themselves is one of my favorite things that I get to do with this beautiful sometimes messy life I'm living.

You can read more about my other offerings, including my online courses and in-person gatherings, and my musings and stories on my website: