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rainbow fluorite meditation


If you’ve explored the Soul Mantras site, you’ve probably noticed that I’m a bit obsessed with using rainbow fluorite in my jewelry and as a tool for meditation. Personally, I like to use fluorite to connect with my intuition. Here’s one way I do it.

I sit down in my meditation space (you can do this anywhere – but be sure you have some quiet space so you won’t be interrupted). Holding the fluorite in my hand, I close my eyes. I begin to notice my breath until I start to find a rhythm where my attention is focused on each inhalation and exhalation.


Then I begin to focus on the fluorite. Feeling it in my hand. Noticing the texture, warmth or coolness, and any other characteristics. When I’m ready, I take a deep breath and imagine opening the space right at my sixth chakra – the space between your eyebrows.

When I find that space, I imagine all that the fluorite has to teach me, especially about my intuition, blooming within that space. (You can even bring the fluorite to that space on your body.) I breathe and notice.

This connection to intuition is why I use fluorite in the five deep breaths collection. And why I keep fluorite on my personal altar, in the studio, and in my office where I write. 


The gorgeous rainbow fluorite pillars shown above are such a special find! I have just a handful, and they’re all so different that I’ve listed them individually. These pillars have beautiful shades of green, blue, and purple. You could set it up near a window so you could see the sun shine through it.

You can find all the rainbow fluorite offerings here

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