Talisman of the Month Club 2018 :: 3-month Gift Subscription
Talisman of the Month Club 2018 :: 3-month Gift Subscription
Talisman of the Month Club 2018 :: 3-month Gift Subscription
Talisman of the Month Club 2018 :: 3-month Gift Subscription
Talisman of the Month Club 2018 :: 3-month Gift Subscription
Talisman of the Month Club 2018 :: 3-month Gift Subscription

Talisman of the Month Club 2018 :: 3-month Gift Subscription


We've received lots of requests for 3-month gift Talisman of the Month subscriptions, and we're happy to offer them again this year! Here's how it works: 

Currently, only the Pocket-Sized Edition is available for gifts, and you'll purchase all three months today. Your gift recipient will receive the April, May, and June practices for their 3-month subscription. The April box will begin shipping around April 5th.

Be sure to use the recipient's address as the shipping address. If you are purchasing multiple gifts or also ordering items sent to you, please place separate orders. You can include a short gift message in the information box on the shopping cart page. We're happy to include it for you!

Read on for more info:

The Talisman of the Month Club is a monthly subscription that includes a package of inspiration and support delivered to your door. Each month presents a new theme that provides you with lessons, practices, and creative prompts on the month’s theme plus a community of people practicing along with you.

The intention behind this club is to give you tangible practices and reminders to see, hold, and use to help you create space to practice self-care.

I feel so unconditionally loved and valued by what you do, and the feeling of care just washes over me with each delivery..it is a very sacred moment, and it forces me to pause, to listen, and to honor myself in ways that escape me on a daily basis...I want more of this in my life, so thank you. - Ann, 2017 subscriber 

Here’s what’s included in the Pocket-Sized edition subscription:

The Pocket-Sized Subscription = $20 a month

This offering is perfect for those who want to focus on the monthly practice each month at a smaller price. It is also a good option for those living outside the US (see shipping info below). It includes:

  • A handmade pewter pocket talisman hand stamped with a phrase to support you, infused with love and blessings.
  • A tiny print with that month’s theme that becomes a reminder to place on your desk or altar (all multiple months create an inspiration deck for you).
  • A note from my heart to yours focusing on the monthly practice with creative ideas to get you started.
  • Thoughtful packaging that invites you to slow down and create a mindful moment as you open it each month. This edition will come in an envelope instead of a box.

I love receiving these boxes. So much love goes into them and I like how each monthly message grounds me. - 12-month subscriber

With the 3-month gift subscription, you also receive:
  • Community, connection, and support via a private Facebook group where we talk about ways to work with the month’s practice, share supportive stories, and so on.
  • A monthly newsletter to help you deepen your self-care practice.

Photos show a peek at previous boxes from the 2017 subscription. The 2018 boxes will be unique with all new practices.

This offering supports several other small businesses: When you are part of the Talisman of the Month Club, you are part of supporting several makers and small businesses. Including the family-run businesses that make the pewter shapes by hand,  the small fair-trade businesses who I buy many of the additional items from (who are in turn supporting artisans in other countries with fair wages), the artists who design the art prints and other goodies I include, my small business and my family, and my assistant Bonnie and her family. You are helping makers + artists and their family’s dreams come true every single month. Thank you.


Shipping: The shipping charge you'll see today reflects the charge for all three months (so divide it by 3). We charge by weight to keep the cost as accurate and low as possible. 

International customers: The Pocket Sized Edition is a really good option for you because the lower cost means it is less likely to get caught up in customs or have duty fees added onto it. Please keep this in mind. Before you place your order, be sure to read our shipping policies, especially if this is the first time you've ordered from a small business in the US.

Refund/Cancellation Policy: While I deeply believe your gift recipient will love their subscription, I appreciate that at times people need to cancel. If your gift recipient needs to cancel for some reason, please start an email conversation with us.

Coupon Codes: Please note that Soul Mantras coupon codes and site-wide sales do not apply to the Talisman of the Month Club subscriptions unless otherwise noted. Feel free to get in touch with any questions.

If you have any questions, please just get in touch.