lapis heart stone

lapis heart stone


These little lapis hearts are reminders to help you to choose love to remember to love yourself and to trust that love will win. Hearts are one of my favorite visual reminders to have in my home and on my altar because love really is the answer. (Almost always.) I also hold these hearts when I meditate or when I just want to focus on sending love to a particular person or group of people in my life. They help me ground and connect to that feeling of love inside me.

Lapis invites in more self-awareness. It alleviates stress brings peace and helps connect to your spirit guides. There are just a handful of these available.

This listing is for one heart. These hearts are about 1 inch in size. Your heart will be chosen just for you from the bowl in my studio. 

International customers: Before you place your order be sure to read my shipping policies especially if this is the first time you've ordered from a small business in the US.