find the pause :: April Talisman of the Month
find the pause :: April Talisman of the Month
find the pause :: April Talisman of the Month
find the pause :: April Talisman of the Month
find the pause :: April Talisman of the Month
find the pause :: April Talisman of the Month

find the pause :: April Talisman of the Month


The Talisman of the Month is a different mantra chosen each month that is then hand stamped into one of my pocket talismans. It comes with a card printed with a few words about the mantra and at least one way to use it as a practice in your daily life, along with a card that explains how to use pocket talismans.

April’s mantra is: find the pause

This mantra came to me when I was working in my studio. I had taken a moment to just sit back in my chair - thinking about the orders I was packaging, thinking about the writing I was doing for my Being Seen ecourse, thinking about everyday life. And the phrase “find the pause” floated up and settled in around me. Hearing it, I took a deep breath and felt my shoulders relax, my face relax, my heart expand, and I knew this mantra had arrived just when I needed it (maybe just when you needed it, too).

Finding the pause is about seeking the inbetween moments when you can give yourself the gift of creating space for you, for your breath, for presence. It’s about bringing your hand to your heart and noticing what you need. It’s about noticing the way the cherry trees are blooming as you drive into work and deciding to pull over to see them up close and snap a photo. It’s about paying attention to the joy you find in your morning rhythm of making coffee before everyone is awake. It’s about letting yourself stand in The And Space holding the beauty and the shit and honoring that you’re still here.

Yes. Yes. Yes.  

This mantra is for the seasons when you realize you need to create small moments within your day where you can pause and come home to you.

Please note that I only have about 12 of these talismans available this month. 

About the Talisman of the Month

This is the new incarnation of the Talisman of the Month Club, which used to be a subscription box sent monthly. In 2019, I'm choosing a mantra each month and offering it along with a few words about how to use the mantra as a practice. Then you can choose the ones that speak to you or easily gift the mantras that others in your life may need.

How to Use a Pocket Talisman

The Soul Mantra pocket talismans are reminders for you to carry with you on your journey. You can put one in your pocket like a stone and each time you feel it take a deep breath and remember you are not alone. You can hold it in your hand and rub your fingers along the words and let yourself lean into trust. You might also want to place a talisman on your altar or next to your bed or even in your cubicle at work. It can remind you to just be right here and know that you are enough.

The intention behind the Talisman of the Month is to give you a tangible reminders to see, hold, and use to help you create space to practice mindfulness and self-care.

This pewter talisman has been hand stamped with the words "find the pause." It is very organic in appearance, about 1.25 inches across, and comes packaged in a cloth bag for your pocket or to give as a gift. A beautiful instruction card is also included.

Note: Each of these talismans are made by hand and each letter is hand stamped, so the letter placement can vary. Your talisman will be made with love just for you.

Turnaround: When you order the April Talisman of the Month, it will ship around April 23.

International customers: Before you place your order, be sure to read our shipping policies, especially if this is the first time you've ordered from a small business in the US.