You Are Enough :: Care Package
You Are Enough :: Care Package
You Are Enough :: Care Package
You Are Enough :: Care Package
You Are Enough :: Care Package

You Are Enough :: Care Package


A care package to help the recipient remember that they are enough just the way they are. The package includes:

  • A heart talisman. This pewter heart pocket talisman has a very organic appearance and is a really nice size for holding or putting somewhere special. I also like to wear mine on a long silver chain (a chain is not included but you can add one here). A card explaining how to use pocket talismans is included.
  • A "live with your whole heart" reminder card + one of my practice postcard prints. On one side of the postcard is a beautiful photo + quote that you can put up in your home. On the other is a letter from me that includes ideas to help you incorporate living with your whole heart into your day.
  • One of my "To be opened when you most need it" cards - which is a special little note tucked inside an envelope to be opened at some point in the future when you're having a tough day.
  • A "You are enough" encouragement card - it's printed on very thick card stock in light pink ink.
  • A handwritten note with either a note of encouragement from me or your gift message (if you're sending this to someone), along with a card explaining everything included in the package.

Imagine: The anticipation of receiving a care package full of goodies just for you. When it arrives, you set aside time to open it so you can savor everything. As you carefully unwrap each piece of Soul Mantras goodness, you realize you can feel the love, the joy, the support of having each item chosen just for you. You then take time to put each piece in special spots in your home where you will be reminded that you are a light in the world, that you are enough, that you are not alone. This is the experience you or a loved one will have when receiving this care package.

Perfect for someone in your life who needs a reminder that they aren't alone right now, that you're thinking about them, and that you see them showing up every day.

If this care package is a gift, just let me know what gift note you'd like me to include on the checkout page.

And if this care package is for you, I'll include a note of encouragement written just for you. Just leave me a note on the checkout page to let me know what you need, and I'll write one for you. 

I have just 5 of these available.

Turnaround: Due to the personal attention given to this offering, it usually ships in 4-10 business days. Please order by December 8 for Christmas delivery.

International customers: Before you place your order, be sure to read our shipping policies, especially if this is the first time you've ordered from a small business in the US. Just get in touch if you have questions.