Inspiration Mystery Box

Inspiration Mystery Box


Boxes are sold out at this time.

A note from Liz about this special offering: 

When you walk into my studio, a few things you’ll see: bowls of gemstones and sea glass, notes of encouragement tucked everywhere, books stacked in several corners, bowls and baskets waiting to hold more treasures, Soul Mantras, art and inspiration on the walls, and journals waiting to be filled. I’m so lucky to have this space. I wish I could invite you over for a day together and then send you home with a bag full of goodies to inspire you in your own creative corners in your home.
But until that can happen, I’d love to send you a box of inspiration from my heart and studio to your corner of the world.
After hosting more than 20 retreats, writing two books and two journals, creating more than 10 ecourses, recording so many meditations, making Soul Mantras for more than 10 years, curating the Talisman of the Month Club boxes for almost two years, plus working with several companies over the years, my studio is full of inspiration. From the books and jewelry I’ve created over the years to the goodies I’ve shared at retreats and in gift bags to other inspiration I’ve gathered, I have heard this very clear call to ask you if you need a little of this goodness in your world.

And I'd love to send you an  
Inspiration Mystery Box!

These boxes are for you if:

  • You need a little encouragement. From secret messages to prints to put on your wall, each box will come with words to help you feel connected and supported.
  • You want to create a sacred space in your home and need some goodies or your space needs a refresh. From gemstones to small prints to other secrets and treasures, you’ll be able to create an altar from your goodies if that’s your hope.
  • You want the feel of one of my retreats to arrive on your front porch. Whether you’ve attended a retreat or wish you could, your box will invite you to feel you’ve gathered up goodies from the retreat to bring home.
  • You love the idea of surprises and opening up a box of unexpected treasures. 
  • We’ve been connected virtually or in person for a while, you’re drawn to what I do over here in my corner, and you trust that whatever I send you will be exactly what you need in this moment.

Here’s what your box might include (remember, it’s a mystery so you won’t know what’s inside until you open it):

  • books
  • art prints
  • gemstones
  • journals
  • hearts and other fair trade items
  • CD of my stories and meditations
  • goodies from past retreat and workshop gift bags 
  • goodies from past Talisman of the Month Club boxes
  • stickers, postcards, temporary tattoos
  • Soul Mantra jewelry, talismans, and other good things (depending on the size box you order)
  • goodies from the days when I created fabric items under the name “The Little Room”
  • surprises from the Liz Lamoreux & Soul Mantras archives
  • art and inspiration from other artists
  • and many other possibilities

There are three sizes/prices to choose from:

  • Small: $20
  • Medium: $65 Will include double the amount of the small plus 2-3 Soul Mantras (jewelry, key chains, and/or pocket talismans).
  • Large: $150 This one is for you if you want to have a box full of inspiration for your home and gifts on hand. It will include double the amount of the medium box + some additional goodies and surprises I’m reserving just for you.

Here's what I know: When you open your box you will feel surrounded by love, inspiration, and encouragement. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Turnaround: Mystery boxes will be available for purchase for just 10 days and will begin shipping around February 3. If you purchase other items with your box, they will all ship together.

Shipping: For this item, shipping is charged based on the expected weight of the box size and contents. If you are charged more than it costs to send, I will refund you overages. If you are charged less, we will cover the additional cost. To keep shipping costs down, some small "boxes" may come in envelopes. Please note that USPS rates went up on January 27, and due to the heaviness of the items in the Medium and Large boxes, shipping is higher than you might be used to when ordering from me. My hope is that your total delight when opening these packages will help you feel as though it is worth it.

FAQ & Special Notes

IMPORTANT DATES: These will only be available through February 1. Then, I'll begin gathering and packaging and whispering blessings and prayers as I start to package them up. They will then be mailed to you beginning around February 3 (probably closer to the 5th). 

Can I request what I want in my box?

No. These boxes are mystery boxes, which means you won’t know what’s inside. I’m unable to take requests. You can trust that they will be full and inspire you. The boxes will include lots of goodies for the price (the boxes I’ve already put together include a total of items worth double the price you’re paying).

If you've bought my books or been a Soul Mantras customer for a while, it's possible you'll receive something you already have, which means you'll be able to give some gifts! If you purchased a past Mystery Box, you WILL receive similar or even the same items you received previously.

Can I send this as a gift?

Yes! The Mystery Boxes are packaged with love and care, and I'm happy to include a gift note from you. Please place multiple gift orders separately. In the last round, several people sent these as gifts and the recipients were delighted! Please note that I cannot individually gift wrap the items inside. But be assured that when the recipient opens the box when it arrives in the mail, they will be surrounded by love and intention. 

Is this like the Soul Mantras Care Packages?

No. Unlike the Soul Mantras Care Packages or Intention Baskets, these are not individualized or customized and only include Soul Mantras jewelry or talismans when you buy the Medium or Large size. However, they are full of goodies made and curated by me, so they will be like care packages. If you’re looking for a box created with a specific intention, head over here.

Is this a studio clean out?

Great question! No. I’m not clearing out my studio. Rather, as my business continues to grow and shift, I’ve looked around at all the goodness I’ve gathered after having an online shop and teaching for more than 10 years AND sharing this goodness with you feels like a fun way to connect over the miles. I wish I could have an in-person sale like so many artists have from time to time, but because my studio is in my home, I’m doing it this way instead. 

Everything you receive will be new and will be items I’ve sold over the years, shared at retreats, made, or collected. And I've had so much fun with these that with the newest round, I've even created new items for the boxes! I’m not sending you art supplies for your mixed media projects, collage materials, or something I don’t want anymore. One day I might do a mystery collage box or box of fabric from my stash etc. These boxes are more giftable, inspirational items.

If you’ve been part of the Talisman of the Month Club this year or last, you might receive items you’ve received in previous boxes. 

Returns/Exchanges: Due to the nature of this offering, there are no returns or exchanges. 

International customers: Before you place your order, be sure to read our shipping policies, especially if this is the first time you've ordered from a small business in the US. Please note that if you choose the medium or large boxes, the weight of these items together means your shipping increases quite a bit. Just get in touch if you have questions.